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Fees And Transfers \\

The Paydrop platform is FREE to use for Beta clients

Bank to bank transfers are typically subject to an ACH fee set forth by our payment provider integration. For the beta launch period, Paydrop will be waiving ACH transfer fees and international transfer fees on digital assets for all Beta users.

Transfer Restrictions

If you are a U.S. Paydrop account holder, you can transfer money through Paydrop in two ways. Standard transfers made using your linked bank account are always free and are usually deposited within 4-6 days. Digital asset transfers made through our stable digital asset integration are instantaneous (Instant Transfers) to and from Coinbase wallets to another Coinbase account, or within minutes to a non-Coinbase digital wallet. Some transfers are subject to an external fee when transferring to a non-Coinbase wallet, which is based on Coinbase’s transfer rate. Instant Transfers are subject to daily transfer limits based on your account status with Coinbase. You can choose between your eligible linked bank accounts and your digital accounts when you make a transfer. Transfer method is driven by the discretion of Paydrop users.

Transfers through Paydrop are subject to transfer limits set forth by our payment provider integrations. See below table for details.

Payment Method

Bank Transfers
Digital Stable Asset Transfers

Standard User

$5,000 limit per transfer in the US.
Limit based on wallet provider account status.

Business User

$10,000 limit per transfer in the US
Limit based on wallet provider account status.